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Pastor Joseph R. Larson, Pastor of “Doers of The Word Baptist Church of Missouri”, is a Radio

Show Pastor serving “What’s Right What’s Left” Radio Ministries founded 31 years ago by Pastor

Ernie Sanders. Pastor Joe is, an outreach ministry of “What’s Right What’s Left”,

and is the creator and sponsor of, an Internet broadcasting system for

WRWL morning and evening programs.

Pastor Joe is a disabled American Veteran, a former Chief Warrant Officer Aviation Officer in the

United States Army, and a decorated Vietnam veteran. He served as a helicopter gunship pilot, an

Armament Officer, Maintenance Officer and helicopter test pilot. Although permanently grounded from

flying, Joe earned the following licenses: a commercial pilot’s license in helicopter and fixed wing

aircraft, a standard instrument ticket, and a flight instructor’s license. He is a member of The American

Legion and a life member of the VFW [Veterans of Foreign Wars].

A past recipient of the National Quill and Scroll Gold Medal for Journalism, Pastor Joe is author of

the book and college course entitled ‘The Foundation of Our Republic’. Before he became a Pastor, he

was a political activist. You may have heard Joe on many national radio shows with such hosts as B-1

Bob Dornan, Col. Oliver North, Phyllis Schlafly, Stan Montieth of Radio Liberty, and Alex Jones or

heard him on various local radio stations across America. You may have even seen him on Christian


When he’s not ‘On Air’ or Pastoring his church you can find him serving as Chaplain for a local

convalescent hospital/nursing home, bringing God's word to the sick, the injured and the dying.

Pastor Joe's favorite extra duty is being one the speakers that serve with America Asleep Know More's

'Shake the Nation Conferences.'

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